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Celebrity Gifting

A Different Kind of Exposure for Your Business…

Celebrity seeding is nothing new, but brands continue to actively pursue it as an extremely effective yet subtle influencer marketing technique, utilizing the power of celebrity to influence consumer-purchasing decisions.

Product seeding is one of the oldest forms of celebrity product placement, and with good reason:

  • Brand products and/or services are distributed widely.
  • They can be aimed at celebrities who are most compelling to brands’ target audiences.
  • They can be delivered directly to the celebrity for authentic use without any imposing filters.

Over the years Lulu PR has developed a long list of connections that make celebrity seeding and outreach not just possible, but successful. Many times celebrity seeding can be tricky as the target audience is one that is used to receiving free products/ services. Taking a different approach, Lulu PR utilizes already existing relationships that ensure delivery of our clients goods to the desired party. In addition, our PR agency is also very careful, strategic, and logical when it comes to selecting recipients of any seeding outreach, eliminating every possibility for mistakes and taking every precaution to guarantee a good investment on the part of our clients.

We do offer celebrity gifting / seeding on an individual level for our clients, however we also offer Celebrity Gifting in the form of beautifully themed baskets that celebrities love!  This is not only well received by the celebrity but also more affordable to the small business.

At Lulu Public Relations we believe in the power of a small business, and take pride in assisting them with the much needed exposure they deserve.

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